It was built between 1770 and 1772, even before the Patent of Tolerance was decreed by Emperor Josephs II. It is the oldest Protestant church on current Austrian ground.
Master builder: Christoph Preising of Pinkafeld.
January 10, 1773: First worship in the church
1810: Building of a church steeple
1856: The Holy Table was made.
According to Calvinist tradition the interior of the church is quite simple. The pulpit has been placed in the middle of one long side. Above the pulpit there is a pelican nourishing his young ones with his own blood. On the occasion of the centenary an organ was built. The pulpit and some benches are as old as the church. 

Till 1907 the spire was decorated by the imperial double eagle, which was obviously a sign that the church was an officially permitted place of worship. In 1907 the double eagle was taken from the spire and was replaced by a star. At the same time the church clock was purchased which is still in use nowadays. The double eagle is now exhibited at the provincial museum of Burgenland in Eisenstadt.
1953: Installation of the electric light.
1959: Restructuring of the organ.
1962: New fiber cement roof, new church windows, installation of an electric heating for the benches, the pulpit and the gallery. Renovation of the organ.

1998-1999: Renovation of the exterior of the church.. The church spire was equipped with a new copper roof and the star was repaired. Refurbishing of the area around the church.