Parish home

The Parish Home was built in 1784.
Originally it had a thatched roof. In 1823 it was extended and the roof was tiled. Since then it has kept its shape. The front of the house which is facing the street has a quite tasteful semi-classical façade. Facing the yard splendid arcades are displayed.
In 1975 the community decided to renovate the old parish home which is the oldest and most beautiful arcaded house of southern Burgenland. As it is protected by an Act of Parliament, the community also integrated the Federal Department for Ancient Monuments and the responsible state authority into the renovation work.
Nowadays the parish home is used for exhibitions, folklore events, poets´ readings and similar events. 
In 1996 another renovation took place.

New parish home

From 1972 to 1973 the new Parish Home was built. The "Gustav-Adolf-Werk" in Germany as well as the "Relief Organization of the Protestant Church" in Switzerland donated large sums of money to the building of this important place.